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•  Temperature range: 250 to 3500°C (500 to 6500°F)
Thru-the-lens sighting
Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Focus
High resolution optics with optional close focus lens
Large LCD display with with two point on/off control
Single color & two-color ratio thermometers
Mirage 2-Color IR Sensor
Mirage 2-Color IR Sensor Mirage IR Sensor Mirage OR Series Sensor
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Product Description

The Mirage® temperature monitoring and control systems are compact, economical and designed to set a higher standard for performance, reliability, versatility and value in industrial applications from 250 to 3500°C (500 to 6500°F).

The Mirage infrared thermometer consists of a signal processing unit with a large and highly visible 4-digit LCD display. The Mirage system offers a wide range of sensors to meet your process needs with solutions for your temperature measurement application.

No matter which type of sensing head you choose with your Mirage system, you will get a sensor with sophisticated single lens reflex (SLR) focusing with adjustable response times from as fast as 10 milliseconds to 30 seconds. In addition, the close focus, high resolution option can measure targets as small as 0.6 mm (0.025 inches).


The Mirage series features three models listed below:

Sensing Head
Temp Span
Ambient Operating Temperatures*
Mirage 20
0.7 to 1.08 µm
500 to 3000°C
900 to 5000°F
-17 to 90°C
0 to 200°F
Semiconductor and refractory temperatures in glass melters and ladle preheaters
Mirage 30
1.5 to 1.6 µm
250 to 1400°C
500 to 2500°F
0 to 60°C
32 to 140°F
Non-ferrous metals, galvanizing and annealing lines in steel mills, low temperature induction heating
Mirage OR
0.7 to 1.08 µm
and 1,08 µm
700 to 3500°C
1300 to 6500°F
0 to 55°C
32 to 130°F
Induction heating for forging, annealing, rolling mills for the steel industry
*without auxiliary cooling

Mirage Optional Features and Accessories

The Mirage series offers a complete range of accessories, including air purge, swivel mounting base, water cooling jacket, as well as a Peak-Picker option, which allows stable temperature measurement of moving objects or targets periodically blocked by smoke, steam or dust. The optional two point on/off control is ideal for controlling induction heaters or providing alarms.

For more information, a full list of accessories, additional specifications and product dimensions are available in the Mirage product brochure.

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