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Temperature range: 250 to 3000ºC (482 to 5432ºF)
Rugged fiber optic measurement systems
Designed for harsh industrial environments
Simultaneous analog and digital outputs
Background compensation capabilities on 62 and 6G series
Fiber cable rated to 315ºC (600ºF) ambient on selected models
Modline 6
Modline 6 IR Sensor Modline 6 IR Sensor Modline 6 IR Sensor
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Product Description

The rugged Modline® 6 line of infrared thermometers delivers the best value in terms of price, performance, features and ease-of-use. These high performance IR sensors permit measurement of targets in harsh industrial environments that are otherwise inaccessible with non-fiber optic thermometers.

The Modline 6 pyrometers feature advanced signal processing and background-reflected energy compensation capabilities on 62 and 6G Series. In addition, Modline 6 includes the 6R that operates in a two-color mode designed for intermittent targets and severe environments.

The Modline 6 fiber optic infrared thermometers consist of a rugged fiber optic cable and re-imaging lens. The assembly is connected to an electronics housing containing the detector, processing electronics, brightly lit LED user-interface/display and termination connections for field wiring.

The fixed focus re-imaging lens consists of a small stainless steel cylindrical housing and lens assembly. The re-imaging lens accommodates an air-purge accessory to prevent lens contamination and the fiber-optic cable is protected by metal armor to allow for higher ambient temperatures up to 315°C (600ºF).

ModViewTM Pro Software

The Modline 6 series features Ircon® ModView Pro software, which allows the operator to set all the parameters remotely, displays the temperature, shows the temperature graphically, sets up alarms and records the data for future use. This software provides the selection of signal processes like, Peak Hold, Valley Hold and Averaging. The ModView Pro software provides the setup for background compensation for applications where reflections from external hot sources have to be eliminated.

Models & Applications

The Modline 6 series of noncontact temperature sensors is used in a variety of demanding industrial applications, including metal heat treating, steel production and foundries, primary and secondary glass, as well as semiconductor and PV solar manufacturing. The series features three models listed below, including two-color (ratio) thermometers:

Temp Span
Modline 62
1.0 µm
475 to 3000°C
752 to 5432°F
High-temperature processes: induction heating, semiconductor processes and molten glass in melters and forehearth
Modline 6G

1.6 µm
250 to 1700°C
482 to 3092°F
Mid-temperature processes: induction heating, non ferrous metal annealing and heat treating
Modline 6R
1.0 µm
500 to 2500°C
932 to 4532°F
Induction heating, vacuum furnaces, steel production

Operating Ambient Temperatures
  • Optical head and fiber cable:
    0 to 200°C (32º to 392ºF) Standard
    0 to 315°C (32º to 600°F) High temperature (Option)
  • Electronics housing: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122ºF)


Ircon offers an extensive list of accessories for Modline 6, including stainless steel purge collars, adjustable and special application special mounting brackets, powers supplies and more. 

A full list of accessories, as well as specifications and product dimensions are available in the Modline 6 product brochure.

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