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Linescanning Systems Linescanners
ScanIR®3 infrared linescanner bridges the gap between spot thermometer and thermal imager. Well-suited for temperature measurement from continuous sheet and web-based processes to discrete manufacturing, it offers one of the fastest scan speeds available.
System Pyrometers System Thermometers
Need noncontact temperature measurement with a display? What about relay alarms? System thermometers let you create your own temperature control loop.
Spot Pyrometers Standalone Thermometers
When all you need is the temperature signal, the Ircon® family of standalone spot pyrometers can solve your application with accurate and repeatable noncontact temperature measurement.
Portable Pyrometers Handheld Thermometers
Handheld thermometers provide the high-end functionality of Ircon pyrometers in a portable unit with measurement capabilities from -50 to 3000°C (-50 to 5430°F).

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