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•  Temperature range: -50 to 3000°C (-50 to 5430°F)
Through-the-lens viewing
Focusable optics
Microprocessor-based electronics
Single color & two-color ratio thermometer
Analog & digital outputs
Ultimax IR Thermometer - Front View
Ultimax IR Thermometer - Front View Ultimax IR Thermometer - Side View Ultimax IR Thermometer - Side View
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Product Description

The Ultimax® series are handheld, portable infrared thermometers designed for maintenance applications and verification of process temperatures. For users that need temperature reporting capabilities, the Ultimax infrared thermometer can be used in datalogging mode to store up to 1000 temperature measurements. Ultimax data analysis software can then be used to graph, display, or export this temperature information.

Sophisticated microprocessor-based electronics allow simple push-button selection of emissivity, response time and measuring mode. Single lens reflex (SLR) optics and a reticle that precisely defines the measured area deliver ultimate accuracy. Both analog and digital outputs are standard features and the temperature values are displayed both in the viewfinder and on the external LCD. Reliability is enhanced by surface mount technology, DC operation and an optical system that does not require optical modulation techniques, such as mechanical choppers.

The Ultimax infrared thermometers measure the temperature of an object directly, but without contact. They provide the ideal solution for temperature measurement of objects that are fragile, moving, far away, or behind a protective window – as in a vacuum chamber or controlled atmosphere furnace. With Ultimax, you get all the benefits of noncontact infrared temperature measurement:

  • Accuracy – heat is not removed from the measured object (as with contact sensors)
  • Speed – response times are faster, in milliseconds (not seconds)
  • Quality – without contact, damage and contamination of the measured object is eliminated

Models & Applications

The Ultimax series features six models listed below. Capable of measuring spot sizes as small as 2mm (0.08 in.) and temperatures as high as 3000°C (5430°F), this series is ideal for applications ranging from frozen foods to molten steel to maintenance.

Spectral Range µ
Temp Span
900 to 3000°C
(1655 to 5430°F)
Focusable from
500 mm (1.6 ft) to ∞
Incandescent applications such as iron, steel, molten glass, semiconductor processes
600 to 3000°C
(1112 to 5432°F)
Focusable from
500 mm (1.6 ft) to ∞
Steel mills, foundries, forging, induction heating, glass, semiconductors
-50 to 1000°C
(-50 to 1830°F)
Focusable from
700 mm (2.3 ft) to ∞
Low temp thick plastics, paper, wood, textiles, predictive & electrical maintenance, energy loss on commercial buildings, HVAC/R
0 to 900°C
(32 to 1652°F)
Fixed Focus at
4000 mm (13 ft)
Heat treating, glass bending, low temperature metal processing
600 to 2000°C
(1115 to 3630°F)
Fixed Focus at
4000 mm (13 ft)
Steel mills, foundries, forging, induction heating, glass, semiconductors
2-Color Mode
0.96 & 1.55
600 to 2000°C
(1115 to 3630°F)
Fixed Focus at
4000 mm (13 ft)
Induction heating, small targets, partially obstructed FOV, smoky or dusty atmospheres
1-Color Mode
0.96 & 1.55
400 to 3000°C
(755 to 5432°F)
Fixed Focus at
4000 mm (13 ft)
Steel mills & induction heating

Operating Ambient Temperatures

0 to 50°C (32º to 125ºF)


Digital and analog cables, optional close focus lenses and other accessories are available for the Ultimax series of IR sensors.

A full list of accessories, as well as specifications and product dimensions are available in the Ultimax product brochure.

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