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Technical Solutions

Browse our list of technical solution notes to find answers to general infrared technology questions, such as, how IR technology works, how emissivity or background radation can cause temperature reading errors, etc. Additionally, you can visit our FAQ Section or contact Ircon, if you have more questions.

TS100 - Temperature Errors Caused by Change in Product Emissivity
  The focus of this article will examine emissivity as the cause of temperature error when using a single wavelength infrared thermometer. For discussion purposes, all other variables will be negligible. Additional articles will examine optical path transmission, hot backgrounds and the instrument as additional sources of temperature error.

TS101 - Temperature Errors Due to Transmission Losses
  The full series of articles examines the possible causes of temperature error when using a single wavelength infrared thermometer. The article treats the optical transmission path as the only significant source of error.

TS102 - Instrument Errors Due to Background Radiation
  Unfortunately an infrared thermometer cannot distinguish between the radiation the target emits and radiation that originates from other sources. If the detected radiation includes not only the radiation from the target, but also an additional component originating from background sources, the indicated temperature will read too high.

TS103 - Instrument Errors in Single Wavelength Infrared Thermometers
  In this article of the Temperature Error Series, we will see how characteristics of the instrument, rather than of the detected radiation, can affect temperature measurements. Although most instrument errors cannot be completely eliminated, they can be minimized through good design, manufacturing and operating practices.

TS104 - Introduction to Infrared Thermometry
  This article presents the fundamentals of radiation physics upon which infrared thermometry is based. Several of the many ways of applying these fundamentals to the practical methods of temperature measurement will be discussed.

AN108 - Plastic Film Measurement
  This application note describes the critical factors to be evaluated in selecting the proper infrared thermometer for plastic film temperature measurements. The spectral curves presented for many types of plastic films will help in the selection of the correct wavelength thermometer for the production of the desired film.

AN109 - Glass Temperature Measurement
  This article is related to the use of infrared thermometers to measure the temperature of glass with various wavelength thermometers and processes to make glass products.


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